J-Code was established as a high-grade product development company

inspired by the intellectual property of various artists

successful in their fields of painting, cartoon, animation and crafts.


The demand for and appreciation of unprecedented creations

made in collaboration by Japanese master craftsmen, “TAKUMI”,

and those artists creating world-class subcultures

are ever-increasing worldwide.


Our unique contents allow rediscovery and reconfirmation of

 the value of “world-class cultural masterpieces of Japanese TAKUMI”

as artwork.

J-Code will continue to be the only corporation

delivering such fresh artwork throughout the world.


Ryuichi Fujisawa, a “sumie” (ink brush painting) artist is

one of the creators whose work we have introduced both

domestically and abroad. 

© 2021  RYUICHI FUJISAWA ・JCODE Inc.  all  rights reserved.