Sumie artist, Ryuichi Fujisawa, sought inspiration from the ancient Chinese “Stillness and Motion”, “Yin and Yang” and began his activities in 2006 as an expressionist in a brand new era.  Spending his twenties in Paris as a fashion designer, his experience of French life and culture, “Art de Vivre”, greatly stimulated his sensibilities and polished his sense of beauty.  


Upon returning to Japan, Fujisawa began to shift his attention to Japanese culture and soul through calligraphy and tea ceremony, eventually holding events as a fashion producer incorporating live performances of sumie to special presentations that have led to his present sumie art.


His works require the use of fine Japanese paper (washi) and bamboo brushes, expressing a unique view of the world by creating a CG collage combining ink shades made with delicate yet dynamic brush strokes with manga characters and photographs.

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