A return to the origins

From 1972 to 1980, Ryuichi Fujisawa spent his years in Paris as a fashion designer.  The French way of life and culture, “Art de Vivre” experienced during this time, stimulated his sensibilities as a man in his twenties and polished his sense of beauty.  Now in the Fall of 2017, 35 years later he is returning to Paris to present his works.

About Ryuichi Fujisawa’s work

In his work, concepts such as “Stillness &Motion” or “Yin & Yang”, which can be found in sources of ancient China or in the traditional culture of Japan are addressed. Fujisawa expresses his outlook on the world by combining subtle ink shades and powerful brushstrokes. All his works are painted on delicate Japanese paper (washi) using bamboo brushes made by Japanese and Chinese artisans.

Collaboration with the woodprint collection of

manga artist Matsumoto Leiji

In his Paris exhibition, Fujisawa works in collaboration with the ukiyo-e collection of manga artist Matsumoto Leiji (Hirotagumi by BRORD EXPART LLC) to create more contemporary, sensual and dynamic artworks. Moreover, Fujisawa prints his images on kimonos to broaden the limits of Sumie, the Japanese art of ink wash printing.

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